Aerosol can top and bottom cover line

Aerosol can top and bottom cover line

This line is usded to produce aerosol can top and bottom cover with the characters of high degree of automation, stable performance which can be full automatic line equipped with full auto NC punch.

  • Productivity:90-110pcs/minute
  • Product type: aerosol can's top and end
  • Total power: 28.37kw
  • Total weight: 17000kgs

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Aerosol can top production line (90-110pcs/minute)

Technical parameter

Production capacity
Working procedure:
1. Bottom cover
NC punching into shape--curling--injecting—drying
2. Top lid/cover
NC punching into shape—injecting & drying

No.1 NCP-008 NC punch(35 T)

General situation: this machine controlled by PLC is made up by the units of manual feeder, NC punch and automatic waste discharge.
No.2 Aerosol can’s top combining machine

General situation: this machine is used to shape and round the top lid/cover of spray can.

No.3 Mould

No.4 GT2B3A Edge curling machine

General situation: this machine matching with automatic or semi-automatic punch can circle edges of round lids which have been shaped. Adjusting corresponding internal model can adapt to circle edges of different diameter lids.

No.5 GT2C10A vertical injecting & drying machine

General situation: the machine is used for injecting & drying of aerosol can's top cover and end lid  for the purpose of rust proof.