Aluminum cap(Ropp)line

Alu cap high-speed full-auto line (300-400pcs/min)

This production line is used to produce aluminum caps for winebottle and other similar metal caps,it has advantages of stable performance and easy operation.

  • Product type: aluminum wine bottle caps or similar metal caps
  • Production capacity:300-400pcs/min
  • Total power: 23.5KW
  • Total weight: 7600kg

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No.1 NCP-008L Full automatic NC gantry punch(45T)

(1)High speed feeding system(with oiling function)
(2)Gantry press

General situation: this machine is controlled by PLC which consists of high speed feeding system,automatic oiling system,NC supplier,gantry punch and automatic collecting waste set etc. units.

No.2 Sieving machine

General situation: this machine is applied for sieving the edge lefrovers(rings)of the short caps punched forming by one time.

No.3 GX2GK6Z Automatic knurling & ruling machine

General situation: the machine is used for large scale knurling & ruling of aluminum cap/lid which can be automatic production line combined with other equipment.

No.4 GX3JD3Z Automatic three-end gasket-inserting machine

General situation: this machine is applied for automatically inserting the gaskets into the aluminum caps. It can be equipped with the six-end knurling & ruling machine to form the high speed production line.